Municipal Committee, Jining High-Tech Zone Party Committee Secretary Of Baishan

2016.6.14 morning, Municipal Committee, Jining High-tech Zone Party committee secretary of Baishan here Superwatt research work and held in Superwatt business research. Party and government office, the Economic Development Board, investment promotion two other departments mainly involved in research together, accompanied by the person in charge.

Bai Secretary was listening carefully to the business related to the report clearly pointing out the shortcomings of the optical, electrical, and automobile industry. Bai Secretary noted that the current development of the park, platform, associations, and show is the industry’s shortboard, requiring the government to contribute to the policy to guide the development of enterprises better. The issues faced by enterprises, government departments, and enterprises will each butt, come up with concrete measures to solve the problem for the enterprise.

Bai Secretary allows enterprises to strengthen their confidence, and seize the opportunity to pick up, promising to pick up momentum in a positive way to promote the stable and healthy development of enterprises.

Municipal Committee
Municipal Committee

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