Oil & Gas Fields

Oil & Gas Fields

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Oil & Gas Fields

With over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, SWT Power understands the need for efficient, tough equipment.

The special genset for oilfield system is a special power generation equipment customized according to the operating environment and working condition of oilfield. It adopts Hanmar engine and Me Audi generator. The top lifting frame and chassis lifting multiple lifting methods are convenient for installation and transfer. The chassis outer cover adopts thickened steel plate with high wear resistance. Heavy-duty door lock and hinges. Orbital sand isolation system, which can prevent sand, dust and flying insects according to different working conditions, and is convenient for maintenance and replacement. 

In view of the special oilfield environment, the humanized ladder design, multiple emergency stop buttons, upper outlet spark suppressor design, embedded fire extinguisher design, fueling port design and oil level display design of the enclosure greatly improve the safety of the unit's operation. Efficient soundproof enclosure equipped with LED access light. Reasonable layout of the inner space of the enclosure, diagonal pull side plate isolates the space between the independent muffler system and the fuel tank system, bending design of each class and installation of heat insulation cotton to ensure the strength and ensure heat insulation. The silencer is installed in the upper part of the side plate isolation, which is convenient for the heat dissipation from the smoke and rain in time, and the independent fuel tank is designed to be installed in the lower part of the side isolation plate and above the chassis, which is not in direct contact with the outside world to prevent the oil field ground gravel from making direct contact with the vibration when the unit is running, thus reducing the friction and increasing the service life of the fuel tank, and the independent fuel tank can be replaced at any time for easy maintenance. The fuel pipe has a long life and is corrosion resistant, and the fuel in the fuel system is first cooled by the cooling core in the pre-designed water tank before entering the engine for combustion, ensuring the safety and reliability of the fuel supply system. The external rigid sleeve of the flexible shock absorber can reduce the resonance generated by the machine in the uneven running condition of the road.

The switch system of the control system adopts the rainproof design of the outer cover and inner cover. The top of the control box rainproof eaves. Control box double-decker door, double protection of internal electrical components. The inner door is installed in terms of the controller can only be opened after the operation in the access lamp to check the electrical components, the outer installation of tempered glass can be observed at any time controller state. Low temperature, high temperature, anti-vibration electrical components, unit access lights, remote control system, leakage protection switch, oil field special sockets, sealed line pipe. The equipment is custom designed and manufactured to fully meet the non-linear load, shock load and other special working conditions of oilfield equipment, easy to move and install, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Customized design and manufacture, excellent quality, worry-free use.

Oil & Gas Fields

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Oil & Gas Fields

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