4TN4000 Metal Halide Mobile Light Tower
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4TN4000 Metal Halide Mobile Light Tower

This heavy duty metal halide electric light tower is powered by Kubota diesel engine provides powerful illumination and a stable wide wheel base. Vertical or horizontal mast is available.
Power: 6kW@1500rpm/7.5kW@1800rpm
Lights: 4x1000 metal halide
Powered by Kubota engine and equipped with Mecc alte alternator
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Metal halide
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Features & Benifits
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●Manufactured in strict accordance with international standards.

●Inspection from raw materials to finished products. Fully load test before despatching to ensure the reliability.

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●One-button start, simple and straightforward operation

●Multi-language LCD controller for easy monitoring and management.

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●Corrosion-resistant and durable structure and canopy made with steel produced by state-owned enterprises.

●Anti-rust and UV resistant Hempel industrial and marine paint.

●Longer service life with internationally known brand components.

What Makes SWT Such a Great Choice?

SWT assemble generators strictly complying with international design and quality standards such as ISO 8528(GB/T2820-97),  ISO  3046, BS.EN 60034, BS5000, IEC 34-1, VDE0530,NEMA MG1-32, GB755, CSA 22-2, AS 1359 , as well as the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001quality and safety management standards.

Keep your power needs and the pace with SWT generator. Neutral styling fits into landscaping unobtrusively. Packing a lot of power into a compact footprint with less noise, varied applications including homes, constructions, mines, banks, data centers, hospitals, military, power stations and other businesses or industries.

● Powerful low-speed, liquid cooled Engine

Working with Cummins, Perkins, Kubota, MTU, Yuchai top graded engine engineered to run at 1500 or 1800 rpm for a substantially quieter generator, consuming less fuel and giving both the engine and alternator a longer life. Global warranty and service both are provided.

● Brushless Alternator

With brushless pilot exciters are used for excellent load response with standard 2/3rd pitch stator windings to avoid excessive neutral currents and very low waveform distortions. Insulation provisions are to Class H requirements. Quality are guaranteed by their global warranty service net.

● Smart and user-friendly Controller

The most comprehensive available with Deepsea, Comap and other similarities. The multilingual LCD display allows for easy and safe monitoring and management of generator functions.

With communication modular(optional) allows to monitor the status of the generator from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Easily access information, such as the current operating status and the generator‘s maintenance schedule.

● Tough and durable enclosure

SWT manufactures its own enclosures, guaranteeing each unit combines the highest level of durability, noise reduction, weather proof, and streamlined design. Powder-coated finish helps make corrosion-resistant steel perfect for all weather conditions. Generator sets are shielded from the inside out - a durable coating protects the internal frame from rust.

● Base Frame

The complete generator set is mounted as a whole, on a heavy duty fabricated, welded steel base frame. The base frame incorporates built-in fuel tank and specially designed lifting points.

● Rigorous Quality Control

SWT make the inspection from the source of raw materials to dispatch. Each generator undergoes a 2-hour factory load test at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and 110% duty and all protection devices and control functions are simulated and checked as part of the factory testing regime. A test certificate is provided as standard.

● 1-Year Warranty

as standard for generator sets. Warranty extension options available.

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1. IP65 Metal Halide lights.
2. Galvinlized mast, 359° rotating manually.
3. Rugged Canopy, galvanized steel board with anti-rust painting to stand with varied weather, rotational moulding plastic fuel tank inside.
4. User-friendly control panel , with tempered glass window for clear check and protection.
5. Quick accessible emergency button.
6. Widely access door with stainless steel lock for easy maintenance;.
7. Retractable & adjustable supporting wheel tow bar.
8. Four 5000lb indivisual stabilizing legs.
9. 14”rim with regular tires
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metal halide mobile lighting tower
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Powered by Kubota engine
light tower for jobsite
lighting tower for sport event
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Basic Model 4TN4000
Dimensions Length 4360mm
Width 1430mm
Height 1450mm
Full extending Height 9m
Genset power1500/1800rpm-KW 3/3.5
Gross weight  960kg
Engine Engine model D1105 (KUBOTA)
Speed(rpm) 1500/1800
Number of cylinders 3
Engine characters 4 cycles, Watercooled diesel
Combustion System E-TVS
Engine aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emission level (50/60Hz) Regular
Alternator Standard configuration Mecc alte LT3N-75/4
Frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rating voltage ( 50/60Hz) 220/110V (50HZ),  240/120 (60HZ) AC
Alternator insulation Class H
Alternator protection grade IP23
Mast & Lights Type of Lights Regular metal halide
Light's fixture Rectagle
Luminous flux  110000 LM/light
Number & power of lights 4×1000W 
Number of mast sections 3
Mast lifting Manually
Mast extension Manually
Mast rotation 359° Manually (330° lockable)
Light tilt Manually
Trailer Trailer suspension & axle with brakes Leaf springs & single axle without brake
Tow bar Retractable & adjustable supporting wheel tow bar
Stabilizing legs & number 4 pcs drawable bar with manual jacks
Wheel's rim size & tires 14" rim with regular tires
Tow adapter 2" or 50 mm ball adapter
Tail lights Tail reflector
Max towing speed 80km/h ( 62 mph)
Additional Features Fuel tank Type Rotational moulding plastic
Fuel tank capacity  170 liters 
Operating hours with full fuel 70/58  hours
Wires & electric components Regular
Generator starting type or controler  HGM1790SMARTGEN
Power outlet sockets  
Tool box with the maintenance tools  
Max. against wind when fully extended 20 m/s
Acoustic pressure 72dB(A) at 7 meters away
Standard colour  
Max. # of units loading in 40' high container (Some components would be detached) 12



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