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SWT SPM Series Supersilent Generator

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Powered by Perkins (50Hz: 10kVA-725kVA, 60Hz: 11kVA-782kVA)
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Features & Benifits
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●Manufactured in strict accordance with international standards.

●Inspection from raw materials to finished products. Fully load test before despatching to ensure the reliability.

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●One-button start, simple and straightforward operation

●Multi-language LCD controller for easy monitoring and management.

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●Corrosion-resistant and durable structure and canopy made with steel produced by state-owned enterprises.

●Anti-rust and UV resistant Hempel industrial and marine paint.

●Longer service life with internationally known brand components.

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1. Low emission diesel engien.
2. Brushless alternator.
3. Widely acess.
4. Rugged Canopy, galvanized steel board with flameproof absorbing  material and anti-rust painting to stand with varied weather.
5. Appropriate air intake to ensure the volume and low noise.
6. Sandblasted and anti-rusted treated base fuel tank.
7. User-friendly control panel,with tempered glass for clear check and protection.
8. Emergency button for the quickest accessing.
9. External connections access, with protection door.
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1500RPM-3Phase 400V/230V (1phase 230v)

Genset Model Power(kW/kVA) Engine Fuel Tank Data Sheet
Prime Standby Wuxi Perkins Control
SPM10/S-1P 7.2/9 8/10 403A-11G1 Mech Base Tank Download
403D-11G Mech Download
SPM14/S-1P 10.4/13 11.2/14 403A-15G1 Mech Download
403D-15G Mech Download
SPM16/S-1P 12/15 13/16 403A-15G2 Mech Download
SPM22/S-1P 16/20 17.6/22 404A-22G1 Mech Download
404D-22G Mech Download
SPM10/S 7.2/9 8/10 403A-11G1 Mech Download
403D-11G Mech Download
SPM14/S 10.4/13 11.2/14 403A-15G1 Mech Download
403D-15G Mech Download
SPM16/S 11.5/14 13/16 403A-15G2 Mech Download
SPM22/S 16/20 17.6/22 404A-22G1 Mech Download
404D-22G Mech Download
SPM73/S 53/66 58/73 1104A-44TG1 Mech Download
SPM88/S 64/80 70.4/88 1104A-44TG2 Mech Download
1104C-44TAG1 LCG2 Download
1104D-E44TAG1 ECM Download
SPM114/S 83/104 91/114 1104C-44TAG2 LCG2 Download
1104D-E44TAG2 ECM Download
SPM150/S 108/135 120/150 1106A-70TG1 Mech Download
SPM160/S 116/145 128/160 1106D-E70TAG2 ECM Download
SPM165/S 120/150 132/165 1106A-70TAG2 Mech/LCG2 Download
1106D-E70TAG3 ECM Download
SPM200/S 144/180 160/200 1106A-70TAG3 Mech/LCG2 Download
1106D-E70TAG4 ECM Download
SPM220/S 160/200 176/220 1106A-70TAG4 LCG2 Download


Genset Model Power(kW/kVA) Engine Fuel Tank Data Sheet
Prime Standby Imported Perkins Control
SPM33/S 24/30 26.4/33 1103A-33G Mech Base Tank Download
SPM50/S 36/45 40/50 1103A-33TG1 Mech Download
SPM67/S 49/61 53/67 1103A-33TG2 Mech Download
SPM227/S 165/206 182/227 1506A-E88TAG1 ECM N.A. Download
SPM265/S 190/238 212/265 1506A-E88TAG2 ECM Download
SPM275/S 200/250 220/275 1506A-E88TAG3 ECM Download
SPM308/S 224/280 246/308 1506A-E88TAG4 ECM Download
SPM350/S 255/319 280/350 1506A-E88TAG5 ECM Download
SPM400/S 280/350 320/400 2206C-E13TAG2 ECM Download
SPM450/S 320/400 360/450 2206C-E13TAG3 ECM Download
SPM500/S 360/450 400/500 2506C-E15TAG1 ECM Download
SPM565/S 412/515 452/565 2506C-E15TAG2 ECM Download
SPM680/S 495/619 544/680 2806C-E18TAG1A ECM Download
SPM725/S 535/670 580/725 2806A-E18TAG2 ECM Download
SPM825/S 600/750 660/825 4006-23TAG2A Electric Download
SPM880/S 640/800 704/880 4006-23TAG3A Electric Download

1800RPM-3Phase 220V/127V (1phase 230v)

Genset Model Power(kW/kVA) Engine Fuel Tank Data Sheet
Prime Standby Wuxi Perkins Control
SPM11X/S-1P 8.0/10 8.8/11 403D-11G Mech Base Tank Download
SPM17X/S-1P 12.5/16 14/17 403D-15G Mech Download
SPM19X/S-1P 14/18 15/19 403A-15G2 Mech Download
SPM24X/S-1P 17.6/22 19/24 404D-22G Mech Download
SPM34X/S-1P 24.5/31 27/34 404D-22TG Mech Download
SPM12X/S 9/11 10/12 403D-11G Mech Download
SPM17X/S 13/16 14/17 403D-15G Mech Download
SPM19X/S 14/18 15/19 403A-15G2 Mech Download
SPM26X/S 19/24 21/26 404D-22G Mech Download
SPM36X/S 26/33 29/36 404D-22TG Mech Download
SPM87X/S 64/80 69.6/87 1104A-44TG1 Mech Download
SPM100X/S 73.6/92 80/100 1104C-44TAG1 LCG2 Download
SPM105X/S 76/95 84/105 1104A-44TG2 Mech Download
SPM130X/S 95/119 104/130 1104C-44TAG2 LCG2 Download
SPM165X/S 120/150 132/165 1106A-70TG1 Mech Download
SPM187X/S 136/170 150/187 1106A-70TAG2 Mech/LCG2 Download
SPM204X/S 148/185 163/204 1106A-70TAG3 Mech/LCG2 Download
SPM220X/S 160/200 176/220 1106A-70TAG3 Mech/LCG2 Download
SPM73X/S N/A 58/73 1104D-44TG1 LCG2 Download
SPM83X/S N/A 66/83 1104D-E44TG1 ECM Download
SPM106X/S N/A 85/106 1104D-E44TAG1 ECM Download
SPM130X/S N/A 104/130 1104D-E44TAG2 ECM Download
SPM187X/S 136/170 150/187 1106D-E70TAG2 ECM Download
SPM200X/S 142/178 160/200 1106D-E70TAG3 ECM Download
SPM226X/S 164/205 180/226 1106D-E70TAG4 ECM Download
SPM254X/S N/A 203/254 1106D-E70TAG5 ECM Download


Genset Model Power(kW/kVA) Engine Fuel Tank Data Sheet
Prime Standby Imported Perkins Control
SPM39X/S 28/35 31/39 404D-22TAG ECG Base Tank Download
1103A-33G Mech Download
1103A-33G Mech Download
SPM62X/S 45/56 49/62 1103A-33TG1 Mech Download
1103A-33TG1 Mech Download
SPM77X/S 56/70 62/77 1103A-33TG2 Mech Download
1103A-33TG2 Mech Download
SPM264X/S 192/240 211/264 1506A-E88TAG2 ECM N.A. Download
SPM280X/S 205/256 224/280 1506A-E88TAG2 ECM Download
SPM330X/S 240/300 264/330 1506A-E88TAG3 ECM Download
SPM363X/S 264/330 290/363 1506A-E88TAG4 ECM Download
SPM405X/S 292/365 324/405 1506A-E88TAG5 ECM Download
SPM450X/S 328/410 360/450 2206A-E13TAG5 ECM Download
SPM495X/S 360/450 396/495 2206A-E13TAG6 ECM Download
SPM450X/S N/A 360/450 2206D-E13TAG2 ECM Download
SPM515X/S N/A 412/515 2206D-E13TAG3 ECM Download
1800RPM- 3Phase 440V/254V~480V/277V
SPM560X/S 408/510 448/560 2506C-E15TAG1 ECM N.A. Download
SPM560X/S 408/510 448/560 2506C-E15TAG2 ECM Download
SPM585X/S N/A 465/585 2506D-E15TAG1 ECM Download
SPM650X/S N/A 520/650 2506C-E15TAG3 ECM Download
SPM715X/S N/A 572/715 2506C-E15TAG4 ECM Download
SPM715X/S 520/650 572/715 2806C-E18TAG1A ECM Download
SPM770X/S 560/700 616/770 2806A-E18TAG3 ECM Download
SPM782X/S N/A 625/782 2806C-E18TAG3 ECM Download
SPM840X/S 612/765 672/840 4006-23TAG2A Electric Download
SPM945X/S 687/859 756/945 4006-23TAG3A Electric Download


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