SWT Medium & High Voltage Diesel Generators Installing on the High Altitude Highway

Superwatt Power’s mature experience in high-power special projects and continuous improvement of technology have won the recognition of more and more professional customers, thanks to customer trust and support! After the delivery of 2 sets of 3000kVA, 6.3KV medium voltage units for CH Mining in Yunnan (2800m above sea level) in 2018, 2 sets of […]

SWT Oilfield Dedicated Diesel Generator Sets in Gobi Desert

The first version of diesel generator sets for oilfield manufactured in 2019, Kubota engines coupled with Mecc alte generators, prime power 16KW, 24KW, 29KW, oilfield dedicated enclosure, in the extreme cold, high temperature, sandstorms and other harsh Gobi desert environment, has been running an average of more than 5500 hours.  Today we went deep into the field, to understand the actual […]

Superwatt marketing conference was successfully concluded

The year 2021 is already half over, looking back to the past and looking forward to the future, on May 23rd, the marketing meeting of “Raise the sail, continue to sail” was held in Liuyang, Hunan. The work of the past six months was summarized and exchanged, and awards were presented. The marketing conference consists […]

Customer from America visit SWT Power

On the first day of April 2021, a Customer from America paid a visit to SWT headquarter in Jining Shandong Province to discuss future cooperation in the Generator business. The customer visited our manufacturing workshop, went through the process of our generator sets and mobile lighting towers, and watched the whole process of load testing of the units, and deeply […]

Continuous improvement on SWT hot sale model– i9T/L series light tower

i9T light tower features a vertical mast, compact body design(up to 16 units can be loaded into a 40ft container), stainless steel wire rope, and is powered by world-famous Kubota engine. Previously the tower was driven by a manual or electric winch(single mode), customer can not experience two modes on the same light tower. It […]