SWT Gaseous Generators Series

SWT Gas Generator Set

Gas generators have been developed to meet the world’s environmental requirements. It is a type of green environmental protection power to replace fuel oil and coal-fired units. It makes full use of all kinds of natural gas or harmful gas as fuel, turns waste into treasure, safe and convenient operation, high cost efficiency, low emission pollution, and is suitable for heat and power co-generation, etc. The market prospect is very broad.

Gas gensets include natural gas gensets, biogas gensets, LPG gensets, blast furnace gas gensets, coal bed methane gensets, biomass gas gensets, dual fuel gensets and other gas gensets.

At present, the gas gensets made by Superwatt Power are mainly natural gas gensets, powered by PERKINS, DOOSAN, CAT, and SWT’s self-developed SHENNY gas engines, with the unit power covering 20kW to 4500kW.

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    Why Choose SWT Gas Generator Sets ?

    Series of SWT Gaseous Generators

    SWT gas engines give you the versatility you need for today’s power generation market. They deliver the same high-efficiency performance as their diesel counterparts and meet increasingly stringent emissions standards.

    SSN Series Powered by Shenny (50Hz: 20kW-500kW)
    Technical Datas
    SCN Powered by Caterpillar (50Hz:400kW-4500kW)
    Technical Datas
    SSN Series Powered by Shenny (50Hz: 20kW-500kW)
    Technical Datas

    Ignition Control System For SWT Gaseous Generators

    The ignition system is the key to the gas generator set, which is related to the service life of the gas unit. SWT choose the ignition control system from Altronic imported from the USA and the most advanced ignition system from China.

    Natural Aspiration


    The Development Trend of Gaseous Generators

    Gas generator sets have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their low emissions, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

    Increased Use of Natural Gas

    It is the most common fuel used in gas generators due to its low cost, high availability, and low emissions. As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, natural gas is also being viewed as a transitional fuel that can help reduce carbon emissions while renewable energy sources continue to be developed.

    Hybrid Power Systems

    Hybrid power systems that combine gas generator sets with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind are becoming more common. These systems provide a more reliable and cost-effective power supply, as they can switch between the gas generator set and the renewable energy source depending on the availability of each.

    Improved Efficiency

    Gas generators are becoming more efficient due to advances in technology such as lean burn combustion, variable valve timing, and electronic control systems. These advancements result in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

    Increased Automation

    Automation and remote monitoring technologies are being integrated into gas generator sets, allowing for real-time monitoring and control of the system. This reduces the need for on-site personnel and improves overall system reliability.

    Energy Storage Integration

    Gas generator sets are being integrated with energy storage systems such as batteries, allowing for better management of peak demand periods and increased system stability.

    Consideration When Buying Gaseous Generators

    When buying gaseous generator sets, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure that you choose the best generator for your needs.

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