Generator sets for military applications

SWT’s heavy duty diesel generator sets were tested by a team of M&E engineers from the United Nations Peacekeeping Force for 48 hours of continuous operation, and all the performance parameters met their strict standards, and some even exceeded international standards. The strict requirements are always a good thing for SWT, and we have never disappointed our worldwide customers in the defense power supply in the years afterwards. 

Efficient and reliable power is the base to guarantee that defense missions are accomplished successfully. SWT provides power solutions to meet the technical requirements with transportable, low-maintenance, less noise and fuel consumption generator sets, supplying continuous or emergency power to field hospitals and computer systems on military camps and command and communications vehicles.

SWT also guarantees synchronization solutions for projects that require several generator sets to be connected in parallel by modular power system providing flexible power supply for defense missions along with the benefits of redundancy, scalability, and safety。

SWT generator sets are designed to get small footprint for easily being transported by truck or in containers, streamlining any mission and cutting logistics costs obviously. Meanwhile the robust weatherproof and soundproof canopies also minimize damage to the generator set and help to work regularly in extreme weather conditions and harsh environment. Optional filters for heavy dusty environments protect the generator in windy areas, sandy deserts, etc.SWT gensets are IP23 rated and undergo water testing under EU RULE IEC60529. 

Case Studies

UN Peace Keeping Forces Projects


Project Amount: 30 million US$

Power Range: 250KVA, 500KVA, 750KVA

Cover Areas: Chad, Sudan, Liberia, Lebanon, etc.

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