Power Stations

SWT generator power station sets provide continuous power, standby power as well as hybrid power. Our generator sets cover a complete power range with an industry-leading efficiency, reliability and availability.
Complete solutions provided accordingly, when power is needed in remote locations or for peak demand. Supplying continuous power or peak sharing, SWT power station are flexible in size and location, and ready to meet varied power needs. Outstanding fuel efficiency to get you overall low lifecycle costs. From 10 MW upwards, SWT can plan and design diesel generator power station turnkey solutions to meet your requirements, plus backup in all project stages from requirement analysis to defining the best solution, implementation, hand-over, parts and service support and full maintenance, backed by over 29 years of global experience. 

Power Stations: Continuous, Standby & Hybrid Power
SWT values every penny you put in. The generator set power stations are engineered for most reliability, high load capability and quick response in order to maintain running at low investment cost. Backed by years of experience and total system expertise, SWT power stations are effective, dependable and configured to meet your exact requirements.


Let us break down the power station demands of your business rigorously first, as well as the applicable standards, guidelines, deadlines, and local conditions. This allows us to design the optimal solution for standby power, continuous-prime power, or microgrids and hybrid solutions to maintain the perfect operation and control the budgets properly.


With our wide and solid experience, on-time development and delivery of your continuous power generator or standby power generator power station solution could be guaranteed. Power distribution and network communication are managed by our flexible decentralized control strategies.


We ensure optimum operation, including integration of your standby generator and continuous power generator station with the local power grid and control network, software implementation, emergency simulation, commissioning and training.


Power generation system monitoring and comprehensive on-site service provided around the clock and is conducted by experienced engineers or technicians with expert knowledge.

Case Studies

Sudan 1500KW x 4 Stackable Container, 10.5kV Power Station


Solution: 1500KW x 4 stackable container power station, 10.5kV, 50Hz

Configuration: MTU 16V4000G63 3A engine and AVK alternator, ComAp IG-NT synchronising controller

This project is for the gold mining in Sudan, the running conditions is harsh and horibble, the owner uses to purchase generator sets every year due to the frequent dust storms at site, dust gets inside the generator and the generator sets got demanged and failed to work, the owner finally find Superwatt to solve the problem and Superwatt offer the creative stackable containerized solution and eventually solved the anti-dust issue, over 5 years passed, the generators have still worked well at site till now.

Yemen 15MW Power Station


Solution: 1500KW x 4 stackable container power station, 10.5kV, 50Hz

Configuration: KTA38-G5 & LSA50.2S4, with synchronising controller

This is a turn-key project and it took us less than 6 months to finish the entire project after we got the order, because the owner needed to get power quickly so this is why he finally decided to choose diesel power plant.

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