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Noell Group (Prussian G. Noell) is a subsidiary of the Prussian G. Noell Group in the field of port lifting equipment. In 2004, the company started to cooperate with Superwatt, which has designed and supplied several RTG sets for harbor in accordance with its special environment and usage requirements, and sold them to many countries around the world. 

All parts of the units are treated with anti-condensation treatment, the generator is dipped in SEI III paint, and the outer cover is sprayed with multiple layers of paint to guarantee at least ten years of service in harsh port environments. The customer has high technical requirements on the generator sets, and the generator sets provided by Sevat fully meet the customer’s stringent technical requirements.
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Seaport RTG, Noell Germany


Solution: 215units 150KW–640KW SWT generator sets

Configuration: Cummins engine and Stamford alternator, anti-corrosion by sea water soundproof and weather proof canopy.

Cover Areas: China, Brazil, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Balama, Thailand, India

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