i9T4000 Metal Halide Mobile Light Tower

a Sustainable Solution for Commercial Use
SWT i9T metal halide light tower

Powered by Kubota engine and equipped with Mecc alte alternator

The most compact body, manual extension and electric extension in one, upturned canopy, more convenient access.

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SWT i9T4000 metal light tower
1. IP54 Metal Halide lights.
2. Hot Dip Galvanized mast for more extended service time, 359° rotating manually.
3. User-friendly control panel, with tempered glass window for clear check and protection.
4. Fast accessible emergency button.
5. IP 44 outdoor electric plugs and sockets.
6. Rugged Canopy, galvanized steel board with anti-rust painting to stand in varied weather, widely accessible for easy maintenance.
7. style tow frame with a supporting jack.
8. Four 5000lb individual stabilizing legs.
9. 14″ Sunraysia rim with regular tires.

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