SWT SPM Series Heavy-Duty Diesel Generator

a Sustainable Solution for Commercial Use
swt Perkins heavy duty generator
Automatic Standby generator
50Hz: 680kVA-2500kVA, 60Hz: 840kVA-1870kVA
Powered by Perkins engine and equipped with Mecc alte alternator

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swt perkins heavy duty generator
1. Low-emission Perkins engine.
2. Brushless Mecc alte alternator.
3. User-friendly control panel.
4. Aluminium Radiator.
5. Durable Continental oil hose.
6. Anti-leakage joint.
7. Anti-vibration mount.
8. Sandblasted and anti-rust base frame.

ISO container standards, with CSC/CCS Certificate, the completed containerized generator sets for shipping by sea directly.

High stiffness and anti-rusty Hempel Polyurethane Paint.

Durable and flameproof Soundproof Material.

DC and AC anti-explosion Led Lights are fixed inside the container and the control panel for maintenance and operation convenience.

UV-resistant glass Window provides better protection to the electrical components of the control box panel.

Specialized rod Locks for better sealing and reliability.

Strong and reliable heavy-duty Hinges for the access door are used for the container.

Bent and shaped pattern plate Ladder provides a larger contact area to avoid slippery during the climbing.

Fuel tank Ventilation Pipe, leading out to the outside of the container, with a fire-retardant breather valve as the ventilation cap.

The Outlet is sealed with an aluminum plate to avoid electric eddy current when the unit is running.


swt perkins engine

Perkins engine

Mecc alte alternator


Deepsea controller

LS breaker

Air filter

Fuel filter



Battery Isolator


Daily fuel tank
Battery charger
Synchronizing panel
Let’s practice environmental awareness to get our globe clean.

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