EMBER: Renewables hit 30% of global electricity

World hit 30% renewable electricity in 2023, driving carbon intensity to record low, China was responsible for 37% of global generation from solar and wind in 2023

Strong growth in wind and solar drove the share of renewables in the global electricity mix above 30% for the first time. 102 countries had a renewable generation share of 30% or higher, up from 98 in 2022 and for 69 countries the renewables share exceeded 50%, up from 66 in 2022. Combined with nuclear, 39.4% of global electricity now comes from low-carbon sources.

Wind and solar generation continued to expand faster than any other source of electricity. Together they reached a new record high of 13.4% (3,935 TWh) in 2023, gaining another 1.5 percentage points of the global electricity mix compared to 2022 (11.9%, 3,422 TWh). China was the main contributor, accounting for 51% of the additional global solar generation in 2023 and 60% of new global wind generation. Other major contributors to global wind growth include the EU (24%) and Brazil (7%), while global solar growth was provided by the EU (12%) and the US (11%). Together the top four solar growth economies – China, the EU, the US and Brazil – accounted for 81% of solar power growth in 2023

According to the Report, solar energy is leading the energy revolution, unlocking the possibility of achieving the tripling goal, and putting the electricity sector on course towards climate targets.

Resource: Global electricity review 2024 by Ember

Authors: Małgorzata Wiatros

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