Simultaneous Presence at Home and Abroad: SWT Shines at Two Major Exhibitions!

In September of autumn, Superwatt’s domestic and foreign efforts were made at the same time, and two major exhibitions were held simultaneously:

The 6th China (Karamay) International Petroleum Equipment Exhibition

The 21st Electric & Power Indonesia 2023 Jakarta Internation Expo

The two exhibitions will be held at the Karamay Convention and Exhibition Center from Sept. 8th to 10th and at the Jakarta International Exhibition Center from Sept.13th to 16th, respectively.

Professional exhibitions serve as a prime avenue for brands to explore markets, and these two exhibitions encompassed a diverse array of industries, including petroleum equipment, electric power equipment, and new energy equipment. To further cultivate the market and bolster our brand’s influence, SWT showcased top-tier products such as specialized gensets for oilfields, gas generator sets, and field lighting towers. This comprehensive exhibition allowed us to provide visitors with an in-depth understanding of Superwatt’s branded products, attracting a substantial number of potential customers.

This event facilitated the synergistic exchange of insights among industry players, fostering a deeper comprehension of industry-specific information, market dynamics, and emerging trends. Our engagement extended to visiting key customers and collaborating with supporting manufacturers, affording us valuable insights that will inform our future business strategies, market expansion initiatives, and corporate policy development.

Throughout the years, SWT has remained steadfast in its commitment to achieving success through unwavering quality standards. We have prioritized innovation and technological advancements to ensure our self-reliance and competitiveness. Our approach is closely aligned with the national strategy of “building a new development model that emphasizes the domestic macro-cycle as the core, with domestic and international cycles reinforcing each other.” We strike a balance between our presence in the domestic market, ensuring stability, and our endeavors in the international market, all with the goal of contributing to the establishment of this new development paradigm.

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